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Don’t forget to register for upcoming Orton-Gillingham Associate level training.  Learn how to reach your struggling readers and writers with the O-G approach.

See some comments from participants in summer 2014 training:

Comments from Associate training – summer 2014

I had the privilege of taking an Orton-Gillingham training course given by Liisa Freure and Laurie Leason this past summer. The course was well organized, well presented and included a lot of up-to-date research, references and practical resources. Hands-on exercises, relevant video clips and an atmosphere that encouraged questions and discussion also helped make the course successful. I hope I can take more courses from Liisa and Laurie in the future!

Jill Kearney

I have the unique perspective of having had the pleasure to witness the magic that Liisa brings to her teaching and tutoring as both an elementary school teacher who attended her Orton – Gillingham training and as a parent of a child who painfully struggled with both reading and writing.

I have yet to meet someone as able, knowledgeable, committed and passionate about teaching her students the fundamentals of reading that will happen when you systematically train a student using the O-G approach. Her students begin to feel, perhaps for the first time, the beauty of language and the pride and success of unlocking the rules and patterns, origins and complexities of the English language. Her lessons are engaging, meticulously planned and individually tailored to engage the student from where ever they begin their journey to reading.

I am completely in awe of the skills, results and enthusiasm that Liisa has been able to provide for my child. This approach coupled with this exemplary educator has been a very bright light along our journey to reading.

Elisa Mauro

Liisa is an exceptionally devoted, insightful and knowledgeable teacher who pours her heart and soul into her work. She is driven by the sole motivation of helping her students and imparts all the knowledge that she possibly can. I greatly admire Liisa for her dedication and the difference she makes in her students’ lives.

Best regards,
Aisha Garib (teacher)


About ogmsl

Fellow with the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators (AOGPE). I have a Masters Degree in Education from OISE/University of Toronto and am a certified Ontario teacher. Family connection with dyslexia. Past President of ONBIDA - Ontario Branch of International Dyslexia Association. In Private practice working with students of all ages and also teacher training.
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